Patios & paving


A patio is an outdoor space generally used for dining or recreation that adjoins a residence. Today with so many options of stones the possibilities are vast.

Unlike decking paving is a much easier product to maintain and will last a lot longer, although generally coming with a bigger price tag. There are a few choices in stone –

Sandstone – Is easily the most popular imported stone available. It has a massive selection of colours, finishes and sizes, Indian sandstone is a great material to work with.

Granite – Granite is a much different stone to others. It is by far the most durable. The surface of granite paving slabs can come in a huge range of colours and finishes from white to black.

Because granite is tough, it cuts incredibly cleanly and comes in finishes such as flaming or leathered to give an abundance of looks.


Porcelain – Is very versatile in appearance with wide range of colours, styles, including larger sizes. Resistant to severe weather conditions like ice and snow, and does not fade over time. Also it has a great anti slip rating.

It is highly resistant to acid, chemicals, salts and oils so no sealant is needed and is resistant to the growth of algae. It is laid using standard laying techniques, so no specialists required. It does tend to be more expensive than sandstone, but an investment well worth making.

These slabs and then many more available can be complimented with matching edgings or cobbles.  A well installed patio could last a good many years.  Contact us for more information .




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